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Synthesis of Minas Gerais’ traditions and global innovations, Belo Horizonte is a pulsating city, effervescent, full of life and ready for the changes that modern society requires. It has in creative economy and intellectual capital of its people its main differential marketing. As important business center, the development of information and communications technology, health and biotechnology, fashion and design, the mining industry and agribusiness are some of the economic sectors that stand out in the capital. Host city of international events has wide range of business, leisure, culture and entertainment.

The city also offers excellent options for the operation of small, medium and large events, as well as for incentive trips.

Its prime location provides an ideal logistics to visitors and investors. The city is 275 miles from Rio de Janeiro and 364 miles from São Paulo, the two main capitals of Brazil, and 456 miles from the federal capital, Brasilia. In addition, the state capital is embedded in two axes in South America: Axis MERCOSUR - Chile and Axis Central Interoceanic that make up the network of global cities.

Come visit and meet in this surprising Belo Horizonte!




Belo Horizonte International Airport – BH Airport – became an important in the Brazilian air network. The airport is connect to major destinations in the country with daily flights and direct flights to the Americas and Europe operated by national and international companies. The Carlos Drummond de Andrade Airport, in Pampulha, has ample structure able to receive domestic and regional flights, and is located only 8 km from the city center.

Use of the public transport system is increasing and in recent years the city has invested in improving urban infrastructure: Duplication of the city's main access routes; implementation of the MOVE / BRT system – Bus Rapid Transit - and expansion of bike lanes.


Belo Horizonte offers a wide range of choices from clean budget inns to deluxe hotel managed by local and international chains. Its renewed hotel industry covers about 160 enterprises in various categories, offering over 31 thousand rooms, meeting venues and competitive rates.


The state capital has a complete infrastructure to receive from small meetings to large conventions. There are hundreds of venues for hosting events from fairs and exhibition halls, convention centers, auditoriums, areas in hotels, multi-purpose arenas, sports centers, museums, among others.


In June 2014 the Belo Horizonte Operations Center (COP-BH) was inaugurated by the municipal government. A strategic place for decision-making, with high technology, security and accessibility of the municipality, COP-BH directs its efforts to make Belo Horizonte a more resilient city and seeks to provide increasingly efficient public services to its citizens. Working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, COP-BH acts in the daily life of the city, in big events and also in the most adverse situations.


BH Digital program, through an advanced management of information technology and digital inclusion, enables the municipality coverage, and the creation of Hotspots in squares, parks and other public places. Technology transfer from the academy to the market, the implementation of the Technology Park of Belo Horizonte, the more than 1,300 IT companies, breathing ecosystem of startups turn the city the most digital capital of the country and reference in Latin America.


Belo Horizonte is an advanced center of medical excellence. High quality services are offered in various areas of medicine in a metropolis that has the quality of life as one of its main attributes.

The biotech and life sciences park in the metropolitan region of Belo Horizonte, has been a major vector for innovation and development for companies headquartered here. The local productive arrangement stands out in the national biotechnology scene.



The Circuito Liberdade, a cultural circuit, is considered one of the country's largest complex of museums. In Mangabeiras neighborhood, is worth enjoying a must-see scene from the highest points of the capital.


Landmark of Modernism and beginning of Oscar Niemeyer’s carreer, the Pampulha Modern Ensemble – established as UNESCO World Heritage - is composed by: the São Francisco de Assis Church, the Gardens of the Pampulha Art  Museum; the Ball Room; the Yacht Golf Club; the Residence of Juscelino Kubitschek and the water mirror. Tourist and cultural icon is one of the most popular places among locals and visitors.


Creativity and appreciation of local ingredients preserve the tradition (like Feijão Tropeiro - beans drover - and the cheese bread) and also offer an elaborate international cuisine. Cachaça and craft beers are highlighted as drinks internationally appraised and exported to all over the world.

Reference in the business of bars and restaurants - there are over 18,000 establishments - the plurality of Belo Horizonte’s cuisine inspires the many food festivals the city hosts.

At Central Market is possible to know the smells, the color and magic of the culture of Minas Gerais summed up in a single space. There are over 400 shops, bars and stalls selling a bit of everything: cheeses, vegetables, meat, herbs, cachaça, art crafts and much more.


Reference as shopping district and comparable to major international centers, Belo Horizonte attracts visitors from different regions interested in crafts, fashion, precious and semiprecious stones and other essential consumer goods. Brands from around the world and the best of national production in the most varied and diverse spaces.


The capital city of Minas Gerais is one of the greatest producers of culture in Brazil. Its intense artistic and cultural schedule houses great national and international events. The nightlife in Belo Horizonte is vibrant, with many options of bars, restaurants, music venues, nightclubs and outdoor parties, all of them receiving young people, at age and at heart. It was not by chance that Belo Horizonte was elected Brazilian Capital of Bars!


The capital is close to important tourist destinations. The historical cities of Mariana (70mi), Ouro Preto (60mi) and Congonhas (49mi), the last two declared World Heritage Sites, are home to treasures and riches of baroque production dating back to the Brazilian colonial period and the Brazilian gold cycle.

In Brumadinho (38mi), a good option is to visit INHOTIM Institute, considered the largest open-air art museum in Latin America, it houses art galleries and gardens with lush landscaping.

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